Brandi Jonasson

for USD 232

I am passionate about public education. The success of our community depends heavily on the quality of education provided by USD 232. Students graduate with skills above and beyond what is needed at trade schools, colleges and in the job market. This quality of education attracts more families to live within our district. This makes us more attractive to businesses who want to build or relocate. We are able to retain and recruit the best teachers and staff. We all succeed together.

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The school district is part of the community ecosystem. We all succeed together. I want to keep that tradition moving forward and help steer our students, staff, parents and community in the right direction.

Brandi Jonasson

We're All in This Together!

I believe that the school board advocates for students, staff, parents, and the community. During my time working with the Parent Teachers Association, I have been lucky enough to work within all these groups. I would be honored to represent them all with beliefs driven by common sense, logic, and science. These are critical thinking tools that our schools teach our students so they can be successful as they go into the world. That is why I have decided to run for USD 232 school board.

I'm excited for this new challenge and I would appreciate your support.